Rescue City

Draw the lines. Save the City.

Rescue City it’s an action / strategy line-drawing game where your goal is to help the citizens from the cities. You help by attending calls of three types of emergencies: hospital calls with the ambulances, fire calls with the fire trucks and police calls with the police car.

★ 3 CARS TO PLAY WITH. Ambulance, Police Car and Fire Truck.
★ HOURS OF GAMEPLAY! The full game has 80 levels.
★ GAME CENTER SUPPORT: 21 Achievements and 8 Leaderboards.
★ 4 CITIES. For each city, a new surprise.
★ TWO GAME MODES: CLASSIC: Each new level brings new challenges. ARCADE: Rescue as many lives as you can.
* retina display support.

4.5 stars on Apple Store

Rescue CityApple Store4.5

Check out the Rescue City in Action !

Rescue City has some important gameplay tweaks that lead to a somewhat different experience. For example, the cityscape environment of Rescue City means that your line-drawing escapades will be restricted to the available streets, rather than the unlimited possibilities of sky navigation. In addition, each service has different dispatch methods and vehicle stats, which add further depth to the game.

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Love this game! I love the fact that it gets so challenging. I love that sense of accomplishment from finishing a level! It makes you actually think about your next move.

Dennis Fargo

Great for passing time! This is one of the best game I have ever played! Very addicting! A gorgeous game! Hours of fun, different every time you play!

Anne Sue

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