Running Dead

The town is overrun by the Running Dead, and you’re the only survivor. Choose your path, kill the zombies in your way and run from the ones chasing you! Never stop or they’ll catch you! How far will you go? How long can you survive?

A Fast Paced And Glorious 3D Shooter For iOS Devices.

Gamers looking for a mobile zombie shooter with graphics that rival console platforms can immerse themselves in the fast-paced and scary world of Running Dead.

4.5 stars on Apple Store

Running DeadApple Store4.5
★ Each time you play you’ll find a different path!
★ Earn coins for kills and distance.
★ Max out your weapons and reach far levels.
★ Use coins to buy new guns.
★ iCloud auto-save and restore.
★ 2 environments, 8 weapons, 5 characters.
★ Land mines and the fabulous Savior Shot!
★ 6 Layout controls.
★ Endless levels.
★ Game Center.

Running Dead Trailer

Featuring a world of incredible action, breath-taking chases, reaction based gameplay, unlimited levels and real-time created maps, Running Dead takes the ‘running’ game genre to a new level where users must shoot oncoming zombies as well as navigate through obstacles to evade the chasing zombie hordes.

Check out the Running Dead in Action !

Each game begins with the player as a lone survivor in a zombie infested world with the aim of running through the 3D rendered environment, killing or avoiding a variety of different zombies in their path whilst avoiding cars, navigating through buildings and running fast enough to avoid becoming the zombies next meal. Ever-increasing gameplay difficultly and unlimited levels ensure longevity of challenge, whilst real-time generated scenery and zombies ensure that each play is unique.

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I say download this! Love the gameplay style selection and how you can upgrade weapons. The details are amazing, you can tell the developers put a lot of work into this game. Superfun killer graphics!

Kurt Gimbel

This game is exciting! Good flow and easy to master. Simple controls, fun, fast paced gameplay and very addictive! I’m surprising for how well it is made, the best zombie game ever!

Christian Huges

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